Project Management

For future stability while exploring uncertainties

Executing many projects successfully is Shōrai Technologies main strength. Shōrai Technologies is project-driven and capable of both managing and executing projects for research and development, development, and production types across various industries.

Careful Development, Safety Audited, and Continuously Improved

At Shōrai Technologies, we aim for 1 and only 1 objective: ensuring you're consistently successful, not just one time success. To do that, we always maintain the following values in our products and services in interplanetary agriculture industry.

Genuinely Hands-On

Continuously Improved

Tested Before Release

Hands-On Project Executions

We always perform hands-on experiences, tested the concept and process out before recommending to our clients.

  • Cumulative experiences and knowledge

  • Walk the talk

  • Ensure customer experiences has a smooth sailing and only focuses on growing the businesses

  • Capable of doing management, executions, top-down synchronization, and wrap-up all-in-one

Experienced from Startup to Corporate Level

Our project financing and management experiences matches different enterprise organizations, ranging from startup to corporation. Among our financing management model are:

  • LEAN Startup financing and management

  • Cash flow eccentric strategy

  • R&D focused strategy

  • Cash cow strategy

  • Real-time audit

Seamless Integrations

Our software, both in-house and from vendors are directly and seamlessly integrate into our project management toolkit. Among

Depending on complexities, Shōrai Technologies should be available on stand-by if the vendor's technologies are overly technical for integrations.

On the left to bottom, we have:

Any changes to those integrated services will directly be reflected here autonomously.

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