About Us

A Passionate group of technological oriented talents in a company dedicated for serving the humanity across the planet and galaxy. This page guides you through our principles, teams, values, and every bits of Shōrai Technologies.

Our Principles

Our never compromising principles that make Shōrai Technologies for who we are today.

Kaizen - Continuously Improved

Our notable value, which is also our principle, and our mantra would be always carries out the Kaizen spirit. Only through Kaizen, a product can be stable, more quality, and systematically under controls, where our clients seek most.

Continuously Improved

Do No Evil

All members in Shōrai Technologies know that we shall not do any evil while conducting our businesses, be it commercially or personal.

Do No Evil

For Mankind

All innovations and improvements shall be done for the betterment of mankind. Let's not repeat the Old Earth era's mistakes again.

For Mankind

Our Teams

Passion, Talent-Driven, Expressive, Positive, and Energetic talents from Shōrai Technologies.

Our teams generally consists of talents from various industry such as:

  • Biologist and Hydrologist

  • System Designer and Maintainers

  • Nuclear Engineering and Physics

  • Digital Arts & Graphics

  • Photography & Photo-realistic Artists

Our Brief History

A gentle history from our start to our latest and greatest

We started off from planet Earth as a tech corporations specialized in software controls and engineering.

Then, later on, as the threats of climate changes is getting uncontrollable, we expanded ourselves towards the agriculture industry particularly setting control over planet terraforming.

Once done, we entered the energy sector and power industry to solve the clean energy puzzle and came out as champion across the globe in Earth.

To ensure our legacy continues, we decided to establish our cyber educations training facility and digital art agency, educating next generations not to repeat the mistakes from the past.

Fast-forward till today, we are the first corporation who successfully terraformed planet Venus into habitual environment. We built the planet up and shifted our headquarter here.

We are still continuing to improve our products and technologies in order to expand further throughout our solar system. Hence, our story continues for next great adventure.

Why Planet Venus?

Pretty much inspired by Kurzgesagt terraforming planet Venus idea back in the old Earth era.

Check out their presentation back in time from their Youtube channel here:

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