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Want to reach us for questions, queries, business collaborations or just straight up a coffee session? Shōrai team is always available via various communications channels today!

Our business hours are available:

  • Monday to Friday

  • 10:00am to 5.30pm

  • Follows Malaysian Time (GMT+0800)

  • OFF during Malaysian public holiday.

Are We Reachable During OFF hours?

Unfortunately no for immediate responses (e.g. instant messengers, calls, etc).

We will be able to attend in the next business day for non-immediate responses (emails).

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We are available for quick voice call through our phone helpline:


Messaging via Instant Messengers

Prefers to type messages instead of speaking via calls? We are definitely available across various instant messengers (business applicable):


We are available in the following apps (preferably Signal Messenger):

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We are always available through email via the following address:

Mailing List

We're also available via various mailing lists. They are published with in a periodic timely matters depending on the topic of interests:

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If you're adventurous, feel free to visit our office located at:

Shōrai Technologies Private Limited

25, Orchard Street,

B-16 Roads,

12345, 6th Zone,


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