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Shōrai Technologies is a single wholesome, one-stop store for project development and deployment solution across various industries.

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Unlike our competitors, these products and services are our sweats and hard-works since 2000s era. We gone through lots of research, learning, adaptive changes, up and downs, and etc. until it reaches our high quality of assurances.

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Check out our project coverage for various industries that we can offer to you:

Energy and Power

Focusing on efficient energy generations, nuclear or renewable, for the betterment of future humanity's energy needs and the planet ecosystem sustainability.

  • Micro and safe nuclear energy harvesting process development and deployment

  • Measurement and data harvesting for continuously improvement

  • Consolidated energy storage and control system

  • Disaster preventive measure deployment and monitoring


Focusing on seamless localized and remote computing, data management, and networking technologies for user-friendly interaction, making informed decision, and great experience.

  • Unified user interface technological development and deployment

  • Automated data harvesting, processing, storage, and presentation updates

  • AI-driven cyber-security for self-defenses, preventive measures

  • Continuously improved software and deployment for future proofing

Digital Arts

Focusing on digital illustration, animation, photography, videography, and choreography with presentable artistic materials and design best suiting the targeted audiences.

  • Lossless and lossy digital graphics transformation with great codecs

  • 8K grading video-shooting for less-stress editing experiences

  • LED screen background display video-shooting experiences

  • Dance and patterned motion choreography designs

Project Management

Focusing on managing projects communications, scheduling and executions coordination, all to ensure a project is always implemented successfully.

  • All-in-one project management coordination system software

  • Seamless dashboard for displaying status in scheduled or real-time

  • Trouble-free and automated data upload for concentrated executions

  • Always objectives and key-values focused to get the important things done


Focusing on research and development crops seedling development, livestock breeding and DNA management for the next generation food supply.

  • DNA tracking and hybridizing for improving well-being

  • Cultivation and large-scale breeding for specific traits

  • Preventive measures for crops and livestock threats and disasters

  • Financial alliances, assistance and management to farmers and breeders

Cyber Educations

Facilitating and managing content specifically related to technological and computing applications for the next generation educations.

  • Content Exploration building new subjects

  • Continuously improving education contents across time

  • Perform data research and acceptance studies

  • Provides training courses and facilities for different technologies.