For future food demands

To ensure we secure future food demands and supply, we, Shōrai Technologies helps in preserving, developing, and cultivating the seedlings and DNA breed for various agricultural livestock and plantations.

Careful Development, Safety Audited, and Continuously Improved

At Shōrai Technologies, we aim for 1 and only 1 objective: ensuring you're consistently successful, not just one time success. To do that, we always maintain the following values in our products and services in interplanetary agriculture industry.

Genuinely Hands-On

Continuously Improved

Tested Before Release


We offer the very easy plantation agriculture from wide range of processes, plant types, seedling management, and seedling preservation too! At Shōrai Technologies, you have the one-stop store for your plantation business, domestically, internationally, or interplanetary.

Terrestrial Plantation

If the planet allows terrestrial plantation like mother Earth, Shōrai Technologies can supply you all the resources you need to mass produce your plantation. Here, you get:

  • AI-managed automation machinery to smoothen the cultivation experience

  • Seedling and piping supplies from our Seedling Preservation vault

  • Master control unit in case of emergency

  • Solar generator for consistent light source away from unpredictable weather

Aquaculture, Aquaponics, and Aquatic Farming

There are so many different ways of conducting mass plantation. At Shōrai Technologies, we supply a vast amount of mass plantation techniques and continuously improve the process over time. Here, you get:

  • Enclosed or lab capsuled plantation module

  • Friendly for terrestrial and aquatic plantation

  • Fail-safe and disaster control (modular and controlled destruction)

  • Equipment immune to salt or brackish water corrosion

  • Minimum 20 years of capsuled plantation module lifespan

Seedling Development

Like any living creature in nature, plants also undergo DNA improvement. Shōrai Technologies has all the technologies to accelerate and to control your seedling evolution safe and sound. Here, you can access to:

  • Seedling sampling and DNA archival

  • Seeding DNA enhancement

  • Continuous improvement sampling and mass culturing

  • Private or public repository available (options to contribute for everyone)

Seedling Preservation

As a interplanetary agriculture technology company, Shōrai Technologies has our own preservation facility and network to ensure any human being in the region has access to the basic food seedling needs. Here, you can access to:

  • Large samples of seeding from for you to choose

  • Inter-planetary backup system in-placed in case of galactic-related catastrophe (e.g. Asteroid collision)

  • Vast choices from flowering, non-flowering, fungi, tree-based, grass, freshwater aquatic, non-aquatic, brackish aquatic, and etc

  • Readily available for purchases and shipment

Safety and Disaster Prevention Analytic Services

As plantation agriculture is a huge and long term investment, which is risky in nature, Shōrai Technologies provides investment security audit to make sure your investment comes to fruition. Here, we offer:

  • Natural disaster risk analysis and contingency plan

  • Scheduling audits (plantation, nurturing, harvesting, recovery cycles).

  • Food quality, safety, and performance consistency

  • Microbiological control safety

  • Domestic, International, and Interplanetary Logistics Audit


Meat-based protein sources are vital for a healthy human aside from plant-based foods. Shōrai Technologies has all the humane technologies to mass produce meat-based proteins without needing to slaughter the animals, like a lot of animals.

Aquatics Breeding

Our meat DNA varieties does not limited to land-based red and white meat but also nutritious aquatics ones. Shōrai Technologies continuously improved our breeding techniques and processes until we can firmly produce aquatic meats. Here, it allows us to:

  • Expand and preserve DNA data from aquatics lifeforms

  • Continuously improved aquatic breeding infrastructures and water quality controls

DNA Hybridization and Enhancement

DNA hybridization and enhancement is the primary key to success in humane meat production. Shōrai Technologies mastered the technologies in this domain for producing optimal possible meat form. This mastery allows us to:

  • Digitally and cryptographically archived continuously improved meat DNA

  • Hybridize new genes for maintaining the best of the best meat origin

  • Preserving the DNA profile and data

Lab Grown Meat Culture

Instead of using conventional raise, grow, reproduce, and kill livestock method, Shōrai Technologies uses our proprietary meat growing culture technique. This technique allows us to not to kill animal while getting the most meaty nutrient out of the desired meaty meals.

Our meat mass production process specialized in:

  • Sampling meat cell and mass-culture productions.

  • No need to breed in massive numbers

  • No killing of any livestock, only sampling (the livestock donors can live happily in their habitat)

  • Simple, highly scalable, and easy to manage

Certified Meat Culture Infrastructure

Rather than pondering all the learning curves and hiccups just to setup a friendly meat lab production facility? Shōrai Technologies offers such construction and setup services.

With Shōrai Technologies, you get:

  • Focus on your business and customers relations

  • Fully automated, self-improving meat production facility

  • Get full access to our DNA banks and candidates

Safety and Disaster Prevention Analytic Services

To ensure the health safety of across different planets, Shōrai Technologies is one of the Top-4 food technologies auditor on Planet Venus.

Our specialized review domains would be:

  • Business and operations safety

  • Food quality, safety, and performance consistency

  • Microbiological control safety

  • Domestic, international, and inter-planetary food logistics safety

  • Technological implementation and engineering audits

Aqua Processing

Water is highly important for any Earthlings. Shōrai Technologies has all the technologies covered to ensure them hydrated even in a still terraforming planet.

Solarized Nuclear Fusion Water Generator

Needs H20 molecules on a planet without any of them but having a nearby Helios (e.g. Sun)? Shōrai H20 Solarizer can solve the it easily and efficiently.

The generator generates 1 metric tons per min of H20 by:

  1. collecting the protons from the nearby Helios pass it through our proprietary nuclear fusion reactor

  2. the mass creator chamber first fuses the proton up to Oxygen elements and channel them to the fusing chamber

  3. fusing chamber then fuses the proton with the generated Oxygen elements, forming energized H20

  4. the created H20 is then passed to stabilizer chamber for atomic stabilization, finalizing the H20 safe for consumption.

Certified AI-controlled generator for 100% no-nuclear disaster occurrence and maximum productivity by Interplanetary Nuclear Agency (INA)

Certified Water Safety (Grade S) for Consumption by Interplanetary Water Agency (IWA)

Compact Mass Production Water Processing Module

Need to conserve water from unusable conditions to very clean water for consumption and agriculture? Shōrai H20 Conserver is ready to conserve 1 metric tons per min of unusable water to drinkable clean water.

The Conserver produces 1 metric tons per min of clean drinking water by:

  1. passing the unusable water into our latest filtration module for large mass filtration and bio-organism sampling

  2. passing the filtered water into our pressured solar chamber to solarize any bio-microorganism, ensuring only remains and water left.

  3. passing the solarized water to our proprietary mass production atomic filters to remove all the remains of bio-microorganism.

  4. passing the clean water to stabilizer chamber for atomic stabilization, finalizing the H20 safe for consumption.

Certified Water Safety (Grade S) for Consumption by Interplanetary Water Agency (IWA)


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