Digital Arts

For future ideas and artistic communications

Ideas and creativeness are essential to newer generations technologies and presentation. Shōrai Technologies has our own digital creative agencies to produce graphical and multimedia materials for other Shōrai Technologies products' and services' presentations and artwork needs.

Careful Development, Safety Audited, and Continuously Improved

At Shōrai Technologies, we aim for 1 and only 1 objective: ensuring you're consistently successful, not just one time success. To do that, we always maintain the following values in our products and services in interplanetary agriculture industry.

Genuinely Hands-On

Continuously Improved

Tested Before Release

Music and video "Go" courtesy of Ikson

Digital Sonic, Audio, and Sounds

Shōrai Technologies does collaborate both local and external audio artists to create the best suited sonic waves for your next project. Among the sound artwork we are into are:

  • Background original musics (BGM)

  • Sound effects

  • Surround-sound effects

  • Sonics and Sounding Framework Development

Photography and Realism

We work together with many artists, those in-house and independent content creators to create photo-realistic artwork like photography and videography. Among the artwork we work on are:

  • Photography shooting

  • Videography and directing shooting

  • Photography post editing

  • Videography post editing

  • Collaborative workshop and presentations.

Video courtesy of professional photo and video artist Anna Tarazevich

Video courtesy of professional photo and video artist Rostislav Uzunov

Motion Graphics Animation

We also work with multi-dimensions animation artists to create the crazy and mesmerizing animation artwork to suite your creative needs. Among the artwork we work on are:

  • Motion graphics (2D, 3D, 6D, AR)

  • High frame-rate graphics animations

  • Animated characters and models

  • Environment animations

Culinary Arts

Foods is always the opening of new opportunity and energizers. Hence, we too are involved and offering culinary artwork to ensure every meal is a tasty and unforgettable experience. Among the artwork we work on are:

  • Visual culinary display

  • Taste improvement

  • Recipe improvement and technological integrations

  • Food processing processes and quality controls


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