Cyber Education Training Service

For future education and development

To ensure human knowledge and culture continued to be passed on from generations to generations through inter-galactic exploration, we, Shōrai Technologies offers cyber education training services to every human being in the galaxy to nurture the next generation of human civilization.

Careful Development, Safety Audited, and Continuously Improved

At Shōrai Technologies, we aim for 1 and only 1 objective: ensuring you're consistently successful, not just one time success. To do that, we always maintain the following values in our products and services in interplanetary agriculture industry.

Genuinely Hands-On

Continuously Improved

Tested Before Release


Shōrai Technologies' Cyber Education Training Service has ZERO-DISCRIMINATION POLICY when it comes to enriching humanity. We DO NOT TOLERATE the following as a learning from Old Earth governments:

No Age Discrimination

As a leader of knowledge management, everyone always start with mistakes and the very basic lessons that looks similar to kindergarten level, regardless of age. Everyone in Shōrai Technologies been through it daily so we DO NOT discriminate learning by age.

We welcome anyone, everyone, regardless of age, to passionately learn the knowledge domain of his/her pursue.

No Human Biological Origin and Anatomy Discrimination

Unlike the old Earth era, we archive and continuously improve our knowledge vault from various talents across the galaxy. At Shōrai Technologies, humility of learning and earning respect are far more important than being insensitive to any human being's biological origin and anatomy outside of their control.

We cherish diversity and cultural exchanges, regardless of your origin and biological differences: integrate over assimilation.

No Wealth Discrimination

As a lesson learnt from the old Earth era, knowledge is the key of lifestyle improvement and for some, a life-changing event. At Shōrai Technologies, we are NOT going to repeat old Earth mistakes where universities are only for the rich, while the poors, who really needs it, are left out. Education is essential needs, not a wealth-class discrimination line.

Available Curriculum

Here are some of Shōrai Technologies strong curriculum offering depending on your level of learning. Shōrai Technologies focuses on learning and applied experiences and shall continuously improve them over time.

Introductory Curriculum

Refactored education curriculum for new learner. The goal of this stage is to foster learning habits and introducing various knowledge future for their explorations. Shōrai Technologies always helps apprentices to stay curious, self-protection while learning via our virtualized simulation training technologies.

Apprentice will learn:

  • Introduction to Applied Mathematics

  • Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

    • Enough to make things from surrounding raw materials ("Makers")

  • Introduction to Nature Physics

  • Introduction to Arts (static and specialized art, multimedia, self-presentation).

  • Introduction to Biology and Ecosystem

  • Introduction to Nuclear Physics (Shōrai Technologies specific)

Path-Finding Curriculum

First-level broad-exposure learning for growth and career path findings. Shōrai Technologies ensures apprentices has different depth level of explorations at affordable "checkpoint" based learning gaps. The goal is to ensure apprentice can find their strength at the end of curriculum.

Graduates from this curriculum has Shōrai Technologies certified general-level talent that has suffice knowledge to explore and grow their future on their own.

  • Base-level Applied Mathematics applications

  • Base-level Nature and Technological System Management (business operations, nature terraformation, mass-communications, principles of continuous improvement)

  • Base-level Physics (mechanical engineering, laws of natures, nuclear physics, safety and civil engineering)

  • Base-level Biology and Ecosystem (organism, microorganism, ecosystem and climate controls, planetary balancing)

Specialized Curriculum

Specialized in-depth learning of a specific field from any industry offered by Shōrai Technologies. Here, apprentice becomes what we called specialist of a field where he/she conducts in-depth learning, conducts research and analytics the knowledge domain he/she passionate in. Apprentice can choose any of the following offered domains he/she wants to and will obtain digital certification for their respective completion:

  • In-Depth Level Applied Mathematics applications

  • In-Depth Level Nature and Technological System Management (business operations, nature terraformation, mass-communications, civil legal and authority, principles of continuous improvement)

  • In-Depth Level Physics (mechanical engineering, laws of natures, nuclear physics, safety and civil engineering)

  • In-Depth Level Biology and Ecosystem (organism, microorganism, ecosystem and climate controls, planetary balancing)

K-Preservers Curriculum

The knowledge preservers are the talents graduated from specialized curriculum and are passionate to pursue their careers in education and managing knowledge for the future. Shōrai Technologies facilitates and offers jobs for these talents to manage the current Cyber Education Training Service in order to preserve the education facility for the new humanity. Apprentice will not only get a job as a preserver after the curriculum from Shōrai Technologies, they also master:

  • Shōrai Technologies's Principle of Coaching and Apprenticeship

  • Shōrai Technologies's Knowledge Preservation and Hygiene

  • Shōrai Technologies's Principle of Leadership

  • Shōrai Technologies's Knowledge Management and Presentation System

Financial Assistance

Achieving ZERO-Discrimination policy by actions.

Shōrai Technologies Relief Assistance

To eliminate wealth discrimination, especially for those who are in needs and not privilege, Shōrai Technologies offers limited relief assistance to you. The catch is that:

  1. You shall work for Shōrai Technologies after completion for a minimum of 3 years under Shōrai Technologies' graduates program.

  2. You will get paid throughout the program like a regular employee.

  3. You have a choice to continue to be with Shōrai Technologies or wanted to pursue other companies at the end of the graduates program.

  4. Your curriculum's fees are fully paid by Shōrai Technologies.

WHY 3 Years Working with Shōrai Technologies?

We want to eliminate chances of you getting into unpaid internship abuses practiced by old Earth era. Meanwhile, it also helps us cover the cost

Outstanding Achievement Fund

Another method of rewards is the autonomous reimbursement of outstanding achievements. This is to ensure hardworking and passionate folks.

Be careful

We will look into potential candidates' progress logs and interviews them for integrity.


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