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Our team specializes in assisting you with our readily available Shōrai Technologies to help you with your:

  • Project execution, planning, issues tracking, data management and more.

  • Execute research and development tasks like data harvesting and presentation for making informed decisions.

  • Never need to work along anymore while exploring the uncertainty in your project and workspace.

  • Focus on requirement gathering and finalization, we will do the rest.

Our Quality and Principles

Rest assured, our products and services are strongly based on these principles:

Genuinely Hands-On

  • No oversell

  • All actions

Continuously Improved

  • Seamless updates and improvement

  • No products hopping

Tested Before Release

  • Always receive stable version

  • Safe in mind

Who We Are

A passionate multi-industry talents work together for achieving a better future for mankind across the galaxy.

Our teams generally consists of talents from various industry such as:

  • Biologist and Hydrologist

  • System Designer and Maintainers

  • Nuclear Engineering and Physics

  • Digital Arts & Graphics

  • Photography & Photo-realistic Artists

What We Do

A data-driven researchers team specialized in data management and incremental research. Folks around usually called us "Shōrai R&D Task Force".

Our team consists of curious and hungry for knowledge talents across different industries.

Energy and Power

Focusing on efficient energy generations, nuclear or renewable, for the betterment of future humanity's energy needs and the planet ecosystem sustainability.

  • Micro and safe nuclear energy harvesting process development and deployment

  • Measurement and data harvesting for continuously improvement

  • Consolidated energy storage and control system

  • Disaster preventive measure deployment and monitoring


Focusing on seamless localized and remote computing, data management, and networking technologies for user-friendly interaction, making informed decision, and great experience.

  • Unified user interface technological development and deployment

  • Automated data harvesting, processing, storage, and presentation updates

  • AI-driven cyber-security for self-defenses, preventive measures

  • Continuously improved software and deployment for future proofing

Digital Arts

Focusing on digital illustration, animation, photography, videography, and choreography with presentable artistic materials and design best suiting the targeted audiences.

  • Lossless and lossy digital graphics transformation with great codecs

  • 8K grading video-shooting for less-stress editing experiences

  • LED screen background display video-shooting experiences

  • Dance and patterned motion choreography designs

Project Management

Focusing on managing projects communications, scheduling and executions coordination, all to ensure a project is always implemented successfully.

  • All-in-one project management coordination system software

  • Seamless dashboard for displaying status in scheduled or real-time

  • Trouble-free and automated data upload for concentrated executions

  • Always objectives and key-values focused to get the important things done


Focusing on research and development crops seedling development, livestock breeding and DNA management for the next generation food supply.

  • DNA tracking and hybridizing for improving well-being

  • Cultivation and large-scale breeding for specific traits

  • Preventive measures for crops and livestock threats and disasters

  • Financial alliances, assistance and management to farmers and breeders

Cyber Educations

Facilitating and managing content specifically related to technological and computing applications for the next generation educations.

  • Content Exploration building new subjects

  • Continuously improving education contents across time

  • Perform data research and acceptance studies

  • Provides training courses and facilities for different technologies.

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