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Although this is a demo website to demonstrate the capability of using various serverless technologies for a low-cost website serving, information in this page are real individuals and talents. Without this team, both from ZORALab and artists from various public domain licensed platform like, this demo website realization would not be possible

ZORALab wishes to thanks every talents in this page for your selfless contributions and artwork to build a better, cost friendly, and user-friendly technologies.

Web Designer

For the website layout and content designs, it was done by the following artists.

"Holloway" Chew, Kean Ho

Holloway here. He had strong technical background specialized in Linux operating system, software development and controls, and also software business acumen.

Audio Composer

For audio and some video website contributions, they're


Swedish music producer dedicated to helping content creators telling their stories on social media and other platforms, through his original music. All tracks posted on the channel have download links in the description and are free to use as long as credit is given in the video description or a license is acquired from my website.

As required by Ikson license, All Ikson multimedia artwork (audio and Youtube) copyrights are as follows:

Photographers & Artists

Most photography images and graphics are sourced from either or drawn by ZORALab ourselves.

Although not required by Pexels License, we do prefer and want to thanks and attributes all the photography artists contributed their images via Pexels. This demo website would not be possibly realized without your artwork and efforts:

Akil Mazumder

Akil mazumder here! Love to work with Graphics and Photos. Also a learner of Design theme process.

Andre Moura

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Alena Darmel

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Anna Shvets

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Anna Tarazevich

Photographer in Vietnam. Thank you so much for your donations! My IG account @anntarazevich , I'd love to see you there ❤️

Anthony Shkraba

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Anton Uniqueton

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Armin Rimoldi

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Binyamin Mellish

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Chris F

Designer & Photographer for Visual Mixtapez

Christina Morillo

Visit to learn more. #WOCINTECH


check out our collections, grouped by topics. your donation creates inspiration😉


Fotografía de viajes y experiencias.

Edward Jenner

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Gary Barnes

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Gustavo Fring

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Igor Faoro

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Igor Faoro

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James Lee

Programmer by trade. Photographer by diversion.


Human emotions.


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Maarten van den Heuvel

Find me on Twitter and Instagram @mvdheuvel.

Maria Orlova

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Markus Winkler

Photographer from Germany – If you like my work, consider to support me via PayPal

Mikhail Nilov

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Monica Silvestre

Community @ Pexels


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Rachel Claire

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Ron Lach

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Rostislav Uzunov

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Sora Shimazaki

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Swapnil Deshpandey

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This is a library of free to use images of engineers that better represent what engineers and engineering really look like.

Tima Miroshnichenko

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